Jecca specializes in contemporary avant-garde flute music. From 2003-2004, she worked with an arts collective based in Paris, France, and performed multi-media solo works in Paris, Amsterdam, and New York as part of the collective. Always interested in new ways to expand classical music, Jecca participated in a 2004 concert and CD recording with the New York Underground Orchestra, performing creations of conducted improvisation. In 2009, she worked on her first indie music record, Robots & Roses, for Brooklyn-based band Red Wire Black Wire.

One of her most interesting collaborations occurred in 2007, when participating in an installation at the Paris art squat Theatre de Verre. Jecca and five other performers improvised on the different artistic acts surrounding them. Each performer was dressed in a white Hazmat suit, and was sitting in a claw-foot bathtub suspended from the ceiling.

Jecca received her BA(Mus) in Flute Performance in 2002 from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England. While there, she studied with Peter Lloyd, Richard Davis, Clare Southworth, Pat Morris, Joanna Boddington, and Laura Jellicoe. Jecca has recently completed her Master of Music Degree at New York University, where she studied with Robert Dick and Keith Underwood.

Jecca has performed in numerous masterclasses for top players, including William Bennett, Michael Cox, Roberto Fabbricianni, and Ian Clarke. At the age of 17, she was awarded the enormous honor of performing in a masterclass for renowned soloist Jean-Pierre Rampal. In 2004, Jecca won the Convention Performers Competition of the National Flute Association, and performed Mike Mower's Sonata No. 3 at the 2004 Flute Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.